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AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Building Policy & Advocacy Capacity in Southeast Asia
AFAO Community Sector Workshop on HIV Treatments Access, Bankgkok, March 2004
AFAO, Bangkok, 17-19 March 2004, 82 pp

"This report is based on reports of the proceedings recorded by Robert Bennoun and Greg Carl. The report was edited by Andy Quan and includes presentations from both participants and presenters. Individual participants also provided notes from action plans and discussion sessions, including Glenn King and Karyn Kaplan for the Thailand discussions." Reproduced with kind permission of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.


"The focus of the workshop was on the development of policy and advocacy skills to enhance understanding of and advocacy for HIV treatment access in the Southeast Asia region. It included presentations and action-oriented discussions on developing national treatment plans, advocacy strategies and plans, WTO and patent issues and research-based and generic pharmaceutical companies. It featured a panel discussion on successful treatment access advocacy in Thailand and Cambodia, and access-related case-studies in the workshop's host country of Thailand. The workshop's key objectives - to engage participants and their organisations on the issue of access to treatment, and to build capacity and knowledge in the area so that both national and regional advocacy for improved treatment access will increase and be more effective - appear to have been achieved beyond expectations."

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