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AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
AFAO Briefing Paper - Health Promotion
AFAO, May 1996, 2 pp

Reproduced with AFAO's kind permission.


"The ‘Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion’ to which Australia is a contributor has guided much of the response to HIV and AIDS in Australia. It allows us to put HIV/AIDS in a context which maximises opportunities for success. Health promotion has been embraced multilaterally in Australia and adopted in practice by State and Federal Governments, non-government organisations and medical and research bodies. Health promotion is one of the principle guiding notions of a partnership approach to HIV and AIDS in Australia. In a health promotion context, prevention, treatments, care and support are placed along a continuum of health interventions. People’s responses to health choices are influenced by information, motivation, culture and circumstance. Building capacity in health promotion requires the maintenance of community participation in policy and program development and in the development of culturally and subculturally appropriate and targeted resources."

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