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KHANA - Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance
Out of the Shadows: Male to Male Sexual Behaviour in Cambodia
KHANA - Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance, 2003, 65 pp
Url ots0703_out_of_the_shadows.pdf

"With the advent of HIV to Cambodia, the silence that has surrounded the myths of masculinity, sex and gender has begun to be broken. However, there remains a high level of ignorance and denial of male-to-male sexual behaviour, even at the level of those who design and implement HIV programmes. This publication, produced jointly by the Alliance and its Cambodian linking organisation, KHANA, examines male-to-male sexual behaviour in three cities to inform future work on men, sex and HIV in Cambodia. The Alliance participated in the conference to share what it had learned, from its own work and that of its partners, about working with men. It includes details such as where men meet, how often they use condoms, and where men with sexually transmitted infections go for treatment."

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