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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Developing HIV/AIDS Work with Drug Users - A Guide to Participatory Assessment and Response
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, August 2003, 120 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


"There is an urgent need to mobilise community action on the links between drugs and HIV/AIDS, and specifically, to support work with drug users. But before this work can begin, an effective assessment must be carried out. This publication describes the steps to designing and carrying out a participatory assessment of the drug-related HIV/AIDS epidemic and other drug-related harms, drawing on regional workshops and experiences of the Alliance and its partners in Asia and the Ukraine. It uses a participatory assessment and response approach, which builds on the work of the Alliance in adapting participatory rural appraisal methods for HIV/AIDS work. The ten steps include setting up an advisory group, making contact and building trust, and analysing information."

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