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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Working with Men, Responding to AIDS: Gender, Sexuality and HIV - A Case Study Collection
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2003, 68 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


"A key activity in the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is that of identifying effective strategies for reaching out to different groups of men, and enabling them to change their attitudes and behaviour. This publication is designed to help projects carry out their HIV/AIDS work with men, presenting experiences and lessons from a range of projects (some supported by the Alliance and some not) involved in working with men. By showcasing experiences and lessons from the field, it offers inspiration, ideas and models for working with different kinds of men in a range of contexts. It addresses issues such as the impact of social and economic injustice on some men’s skills and abilities to cope with the risk of HIV infection, and on the choices available to them."

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