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Burrows, Dave, Samiran Panda, Nick Crofts
HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Injecting Drug Users in Kathmandu Valley
The Centre for Harm Reduction, Fairfield, VIC, Australia, January 2001, 63 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the Centre for Harm Reduction.


"All of the factors are in place in Kathmandu Valley for a massive HIV epidemic. The Nepali Government, together with the governments of Australia, UK and USA, and international organisations UNAIDS and UN Development Program, joined forces to develop an effective response to HIV/AIDS in Kathmandu Valley and across Nepal. The authors were part of a five-member team (including Team Leader Dr Peter Deutschmann and Dr Damien Morgan, both of the Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research) who undertook a two-week assessment of the HIV/AIDS situation in Kathmandu Valley. The authors specifically considered various aspects of addressing HIV among IDUs in the Valley."

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