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Bhuiya, Ismat & Ubaidur Rob
Strengthening RTI/STD Services in FP-MCH Program: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Project
Population Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1998, 71 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the Population Council.


"The national family planning and maternal child health (FP-MCH) program in Bangladesh has succeeded in raising family planning acceptance among the couples of reproductive age significantly. A major challenge still facing the program however, is to strengthen its reproductive health component. In view of this, Population Council launched a pilot project to examine the feasibility of strengthening comprehensive reproductive tract infection (RTI) and sexually transmitted disease (STD) services at the Health and Family Welfare Center (H&FWC) level. The inputs from the Council included arrangement of training, provision of technical assistance in management, and other relevant supporting services required to strengthen the RTI/STD services."

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