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USAID - United States Agency for International Development
Expanded Response Guide to Core Indicators for Monitoring and Reporting on HIV/AIDS Programs
USAID, Washington, January 2003, 101 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of USAID.


"In fiscal year 2001, USAID developed an expanded response strategy to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This strategy was designed to enhance the ability of countries to prevent new HIV/AIDS infections and provide services to those either infected or otherwise affected by the epidemic, especially children, youth, and infected mothers. As part of this strategy, the agency is establishing an improved, comprehensive system to routinely monitor its HIV/AIDS programs worldwide and periodically report its progress toward achieving its stated results. In the spring of 2003, the agency will issue its first annual report on progress toward achieving program objectives. The first report will cover FY 2002 activities, which focus on establishing the expanded programs in the field and measure baselines for program targets. The full implementation of the expanded response program will begin in FY 2003 and the agency will report on progress toward achievement of its stated 2007 targets."

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