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World Health Organization
National AIDS Programmes: a Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating HIV/AIDS Care and Support
WHO - World Health Organization, Geneva, 2004, 52 pp
92 4 159143 9

Partners involved in developing this work include: UNAIDS, Unicef, Family Health International, MEASURE Evaluation, USAID. Reproduced with WHO's kind permission.


"This guide aims to support national AIDS programme managers in monitoring and evaluating public and private care and support programmes for HIV/AIDS. As more governments move towards increasing access to prophylactic and long-term treatment and care, such a guide will contribute to a global process of assessing whether care and support programmes are developed and implemented well. The guide briefly describes what care and support programmes are, what a system for monitoring and evaluating care and support should look like, and indicators for monitoring and evaluating various
components of a care and treatment programme. Final sections on operations research and related reading are also included."

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