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Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS
APN+ Position Paper 1: AIDS-Related Discrimination and Human Rights
APN+, January 2004, 12 pp
Url APN%20Discrimination%20%20Human%20Rights%20Position%20Paper%20-%20Jan%20%27031.pdf

"For many people, an HIV-positive diagnosis is the most difficult news they can receive - it implies not only having a life-threatening condition but also one that carries with it immense stigma and taboo. This paper is an opportunity for APN+ members to voice our concerns about the violations of positive people’s rights after they are infected with HIV. It looks at how AIDS-related discrimination impacts on prevention messages and examines a more promising way forward for government and non-government organisations to counter discrimination and human rights violations; one that is driven from the community and informed by people’s experiences."

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