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FHI - Family Health International
Care for Orphans, Children Affected by HIV/AIDS and Other Vulnerable Children: A Strategic Framework
FHI, Arlington, VA, 2001, 22 pp

This work was supported by USAID. Reproduced with kind permission of Family Health International.


"The growing demand for care and support of orphans and vulnerable children at the community level has strained traditional coping mechanisms to a crisis stage in the most heavily affected countries. An increasing number of communities and government structures are struggling to harness the impact of AIDS on children and their families. In the absence of support there will be long-term developmental impacts on children and the future of these countries. Failure to support children to overcome this trauma will have a very negative impact on society and might cause dysfunctional societies, jeopardizing years of investment in national development...This document provides a strategic framework to assist national and local planners, implementers, and donors in setting priorities, and outlines the steps necessary to develop responsive care and support programs for orphans, children affected by AIDS and other vulnerable children. It also elaborates on the role that FHI can play in this effort."

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