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Medecins Sans Frontieres - Access to Essential Medicines Campaign
Strategies for Increasing Access to Medicines in Developing Countries: Recommendations to the Bush Administration
MSF Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, 2001, 7 pp
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"MSF believes that the U.S. government should adopt strategies to fight infectious diseases that are sustainable and effective, and that address both short- and long-term needs. On a fundamental level, these strategies should also re-affirm the individual’s right to health care. MSF believes that prevention and treatment are both essential and complementary components of any strategy for fighting a disease. Nevertheless, the following discussions will focus on access to treatment. The strategies outlined below do not aim to be comprehensive, but rather, to introduce some of the key tools and principal issues around access to medicines for malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS that MSF believes the Bush-Cheney Transition Team and the Bush administration should pursue. These strategic recommendations have also been shared with the European Union and all G8 countries. "

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