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Policy Project
Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Uttar Pradesh: Workshop Proceedings
POLICY Project, January 2004, 304 pp

Workshop conducted with Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society.


"Evidences on the spread of HIV in different parts of India show different trends. Uttar Pradesh, even though, is classified as a low prevalence state, has all potential to become a high prevalent state, if adequate and appropriate measures are initiated on a war footing. Factors like gender inequality, social and behavioural vulnerability, low level of awareness of HIV/AIDS, high mobility of population to highly prevalent states and districts, high incidence rate of STI/RTI, poor health seeking behaviours and poor reach of media strengthen this assumption. The workshop on Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Uttar Pradesh, brought together policy makers, bureaucrats, programme managers, people living with AIDS, academicians and activists to discuss and debate the present state of affairs and discuss means of strengthening prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the state. Distinguished speakers presented papers on various aspects of the programme and the 'best practices' within the state and in other parts of India. This volume, with several papers on different themes will lay the foundation to develop the Uttar Pradesh HIV/AIDS Strategy."

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