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ASHM - Australasian Society for HIV Medicine Inc
ASHM Position Paper on Post Exposure Prophylaxis(PEP) in Individuals Exposed to HIV VIA Sexual Exposure or Injecting Drug Use(IDU)
April 1998, 4 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of ASHM.


"Prevention of transmission of HIV is of major public health importance worldwide. In Australia National Strategies have highlighted and implemented Education and Prevention Programs based on behaviour modification1. These have been highly successful with substantial reductions during the 1990s in newly diagnosed HIV infections, 85% of which have occurred following male to male sexual exposure. Safer sexual practice and safer injecting drug (ID) use behaviours amongst ID users have been assessed to be very effective strategies, contributing to a low prevalence (estimated <0.6 to 3% amongst heterosexual IDUs) and to a low incidence of newly diagnosed HIV infection in this population2. Nevertheless, despite adoption of safer behaviours, inadvertent exposure to HIV does occur in a number of circumstances; sexually (broken condoms, sexual assault victim) or via injecting drug use3 or in the HealthCare setting (needle-stick injury). "

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