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UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
A Scaled-Up Response to AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
UNAIDS, Geneva, June 2005, 40 pp
92 9173 428 4

Reproduced with the kind permisison of UNAIDS.
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"Asia and the Pacific stand at the crossroads in their response to the AIDS epidemic. While overall HIV prevalence remains relatively low in most countries, the cost in human and economic terms is high. In 2004 alone, AIDS caused more than 500 000 deaths and cost billions of dollars in lost productivity. It is still possible to prevent a major expansion of the epidemic, since more than 99% of people in Asia and the Pacific remain uninfected. However, immediate and extraordinary action will be required. Unless prevention efforts in particular are radically scaled up, at least 12 million new infections are projected to occur between 2005 and 2010.This report summarizes the AIDS challenge in Asian and Pacific countries. Using the best available evidence, it examines why critical services currently reach only a fraction of those in need. It also outlines actions that will allow countries to seize this key moment of opportunity.The report then makes recommendations for urgent implementation of strategies known to work, by global, regional and national political leaders, international donors, the UN system, civil society and other key stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific."

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