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Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Force on HIV/AIDS in Emergency Settings
Guidelines for HIV/AIDS Interventions in Emergency Settings
IASC, Geneva, November 2003, 54 pp

"The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) is issuing Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in Emergency Settings to help individuals and organizations in their efforts to address the special needs ofHIV-infected and HIV-affected people living in emergency situations. The Guidelines are based on the experiences of organizations of the UN system and their NGO partners, and reflect the shared vision that success can be achieved when resources are pooled and when all concerned work together. The Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings provide valuable information for organizations and individuals involved in developing responses to HIV/AIDS during crises. Topics covered include: Prevention and preparedness, Responding to sexual violence and exploitation, Food aid and distribution, IDU care, Safe blood supply, Condom supply and usage, Special groups: women and children, orphans, uniformed services personnel, refugees, Safe deliveries, Universal precautions, Post exposure prophylaxis, Workplace issues, and Handling discrimination. The Guidelines include a Matrix, designed to present response information in a simplified chart, which can be photocopied readily for use in emergency situations."

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