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Costello Daly, Celine Dr.
Prevention of Trafficking and the Care and Support of Trafficked Persons (In the Context of an Emerging HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nepal)
Horizons Project, Population Council
The Asia Foundation & Population Council, New Delhi, February 2001, 78 pp

Compiled based on three reports prepared by The Asia Foundation and the Horizons Project, Population Council.
Reproduced with the kind permission of the Population Council.


This study is a collaborative effort between The Asia Foundation (Kathmandu) and the Horizons Project of the Population Council (New Delhi). The objectives and related research questions of the study are as follows: 1. To assess the policy context that underpins intervention activities for the prevention of trafficking and the care and support of trafficked persons. 2. To document and analyze current intervention models for the prevention of trafficking, and the care and support of trafficked persons 3. To assess the features and determinants of vulnerability of girls and women to trafficking, as part of the larger problems of gender-based violence, migration for economic reasons and labor exploitation. 4. To conceptualize the links between trafficking and HIV/AIDS. 5. To recommend approaches to strengthen interventions to prevent trafficking and provide care and support to trafficked persons, and propose supporting research and evaluation activities."

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