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ACA Secretariat
LegCo Adjournment Debate on AIDS - ten years on
Advisory Council on AIDS Hong Kong, September 2004, 16 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"On 10 February 1993, the Legislative Council (LegCo) held an adjournment debate on AIDS in Hong Kong. This was the first and only occasion that the Council designated a specific timeslot to focus on AIDS. In the ensuing years, the subject has been raised on numerous other occasions in the Council during enactment of legislation, questions to (and responses of) the administration, and in the course of the meetings of the Council and its panels. It’s now ten years after the landmark debate, and Hong Kong has since witnessed major changes both in the HIV epidemiology and the landscape of the society’s response. A review of the deliberations of the LegCo touching upon AIDS seems timely and would enable us to understand the changing policy environment as well as the evolving perspectives of local politicians. It’s against such background that this study was conceived and conducted by the Secretariat of the Advisory Council on AIDS in 2003."

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