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Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS
Construction of the First Set of Core Indicators (2003) for Monitoring Hong Kong's AIDS Programmes
Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS, November 2004, 30 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"The Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS (ACA), at its 42nd Meeting in January 2003, deliberated the issue of UNAIDS core indicators for implementation of the Declaration of Commitment. It was considered that while Hong Kong does not qualify as a national jurisdiction, commitment to Declaration should also be anticipated, common to other national authorities. The national indicators could be valid instruments to help monitor Hong Kong’s response to HIV/AIDS, a strategy recommended by the ACA. After discussion, it was resolved that the ACA, through the support of the Secretariat, would coordinate the collection of data for constructing a set of core indicators (CI) for monitoring Hong Kong’s AIDS programme. In defining the CI for Hong Kong, the UNAIDS framework was thoroughly examined at the 44th Meeting of the ACA in September 2003. After discussion of the UNAIDS core indicators in the local context, the ACA came up with a set of CI for Hong Kong. Indicators at global level did not appear to apply to Hong Kong. All UNAIDS national indicators were adopted in principle for Hong Kong, except two which were found locally irrelevant - (a) funding on HIV/AIDS impact mitigation within the amount of national fund under National Commitment and Action, and (b) school attendance ratio of orphans to nonorphans under National Programme and Behaviour. The core indicators used by Hong Kong are listed in Appendix II."

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