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Committee on Promoting Acceptance of People Living with HIV/AIDS (CPA) of the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS
Recommended Ethical Principles Regarding the Use of Assisted Reproduction in HIV Infected Individuals
Committee on Promoting Acceptance of People Living with HIV/AIDS, Advisory Council on AIDS Hong Kong, Hong Kong, April 2004, 12 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"The desire of HIV positive individuals to procreate has become increasingly witnessed in the HAART era when the morbidity and mortality of HIV infection have been dramatically reduced. To acknowledge their procreative rights, assisted reproductive therapy has been in use for HIV positive patients overseas to prevent HIV transmission to the HIV negative partners and their offspring. None of the 3000 women and 400 children undergoing the procedures worldwide has been tested HIV positive so far. Albeit appearing a safe procedure, the possible risks of infecting the partners and the offspring associated could not be eliminated. The birth of the first baby conceived by assisted reproductive technology in Hong Kong took place in 1986. Since then, Queen Mary Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Kwong Wah Hospital and some private practitioners have been offering assisted reproduction to their clients. Although there has been no documented case of its use in HIV positive patients locally, requests of such were noted recently. In view of the possible demand in the future, the committee put forward the following recommended ethical principles to be observed regarding the use of assisted reproduction in HIV infected individuals in Hong Kong."

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