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Scientific Committee on AIDS
Recommendations on Infection Control Practice for HIV Transmission in Health Care Settings
Co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS and the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health
Scientific Committee on AIDS of the Advisory Council on AIDS, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, January 2005, 14 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"The setting of infection control for the prevention of HIV can be a) in-patient, b) ambulatory care setting like out-patient clinics and Accident and Emergency Departments, c) Special settings like the dental clinics, surgical theatres. The principles of SP can be adapted for use in community settings like schools, elderly homes and other care institutions. The recommendations highlighted here are intended primarily for use in health care settings, including both in-patient and out patient settings. The scope of infection control for HIV prevention is vast in health care settings. Apart from SP, there are the following dimensions: environmental infection control practices, consideration of work restrictions, occupational safety and health advice, post exposure management of exposed HCW and immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases and community application of infection control practices. The recommendations highlighted relate specifically to HIV infection. HCW are advised to treat this as general principles on the prevention of HIV in health care
settings. Specific protocols shall be developed as appropriate. Local and international infection control guidelines should be consulted for specific details. This guideline replaces the one on Prevention of Transmission of HIV in Health Care Settings edited by the Scientific Committee of Advisory Council on AIDS in 1995."

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