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Committee on Promoting Acceptance of People Living with HIV/AIDS (CPA) of the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS
Recommended Ethical Principles on Partner Counselling and Referral for HIV Infected Individuals in Hong Kong
November 2004, 10 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"The spectrum of public health activities in which current and past partners of individuals with HIV infection are notified, counselled about their exposure and offered appropriate referrals have been described by different authorities as contact tracing, partner notification and partner counselling. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention introduced the term Partner Counselling and Referral Services (PCRS)1 to describe the nature of activities for working with the sex and needle-sharing partners of HIV infected persons. In this recommendation, the term PCRS is used to cover all activities with similar functions but in a local context. Specifically, 'partners' refers to people who have had sex, shared injection equipment with a HIV infected person since the time of one’s HIV infection. 2. The goals of PCRS are to firstly, prevent HIV transmission to people who may be exposed either sexually or through needle sharing and secondly, improve care and support for the already infected partners. Specific objectives are 1) to inform partners who have had significant HIV exposure; 2) to provide appropriate information to partners that will assist them to evaluate their risk and to decide whether to go for an HIV test or not; 3) to provide access to HIV counselling and testing, HIV treatment and other supporting services when necessary; and 4) to alert partners of any possible secondary transmission to other partners and their children."

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