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Ministry of Health, East Timor (Ministerio da Saude)
National Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive and Multi-Sectoral Response to HIV/AIDS/STI 2002-2005
Ministry of Health, Government of East Timor, n/d, 20 pp

Incorporates the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention and Care in East Timor.


"HIV prevention is a priority in building the new nation of East Timor as articulated by the Prime Minister Dr Mari Alkatiri. The Ministry of Health lead the preparation of this first National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention and Care, 2002-2005 for East Timor. The Plan has been developed through an extensive, twelve-month multi- phase consultation process which included inputs from 139 community stakeholders, twelve district-based focus group discussions involving 221 people, international experts, the United Nations theme groups, international NGOs and bilateral donors. It also involved review of existing responses in East Timor and review of twelve national strategic plans from Asia, the Pacific and Africa to draw lessons and evidence-based practices. A priliminary draft of the plan was circulated among the key stakeholders for further discussion. The first National HIV/AIDS/STI Conference was held on 7-8 June in Dili, East Timor to consult a wide audience on the draft strategic plan. The National Conference was opened by the President of East Timor with opening statements from a person living with HIV/AIDS in East Timor, representative of the UN, the churches and the government. Participants included different Ministries, NGOs, the United Nations, International NGOs, International Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF) and East Timor Police and Military services, staff from all Divisions of Ministry of Health and district level health officers.
The final Strategic Plan incorporated inputs from the National Conference participants. This Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS/STI covers a three-year span from 2002 to 2005. It provides the strategic content of the HIV component of the National Development Plan and is consistent with the National Health Policy and Plan of East Timor. The plan is developed in the context of challenges of a post-conflict new nation in its Nation-building phase, which requires extensive capacity building, building of social capital, infrastructure and institution development."

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