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WHO - World Health Organization, Department of HIV/AIDS, Family and Community Health Cluster
Scaling Up Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-Limited Settings: Guidelines for a Public Health Approach.
WHO - World Health Organization, Geneva, April 2002, 82 pp

Reproduced with WHO's kind permission.


"These guidelines are part of the World Health Organization’s commitment to the global scale-up of antiretroviral therapy. Their development involved international consultative meetings throughout 2001, in which more than 200 clinicians, scientists, government representatives, representatives of civil society and people living with HIV/AIDS from more than 60 countries participated. The recommendations included in this document are largely based on a review of evidence and reflect the best current practices. Where the body of evidence was not conclusive, expert consensus was used as a basis for recommendations. We hope that this guidance will help Member countries as they work towards meeting the global target of having three million people on antiretroviral therapy by 2005."

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