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WHO - World Health Organization
Consultation on Ethics and Equitable Access to Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS
Summary of issues and discussion 26-27 January 2004
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Program
Geneva, 2004, 33 pp

Reproduced with WHO's kind permission.


"In an effort to help ensure the ethical distribution of treatment and care for those with HIV/AIDS, WHO and UNAIDS convened an international consultation on Ethics and Equitable Access to Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS. The consultation was organized by the WHO Department of Ethics, Trade, Human Rights and Health Law, in collaboration with the Department of MDGs, Health and Development and the Department of HIV/AIDS along with the UNAIDS Secretariat. The objectives of the meeting were as follows:
◗ To elucidate issues of ethics and equity that might arise in the course of implementation and scaling up of ART programmes.
◗ To lay the groundwork for the formulation of guidance to help governments and other partners to implement ART programmes in an ethical and equitable manner.
◗ To consider indicators by which equity in
implementation and distribution can be monitored."

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  • UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Guidance on Ethics and Equitable Access to HIV Treatment and Care, WHO - World Health Organization, WHO - World Health Organization, Geneva, 2004, 57 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]