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UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
Strategic Plan 1996-2000
UNAIDS, Revised Dec 1995, 22 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of UNAIDS.


"The first strategic plan sets out the programme's main directions for the five-year period 1996-2000, subject to ongoing review. Implementation and action plans with specific outputs will be developed subsequently. Part A describes the context of the UNAIDS strategic plan. After sketching the background to UNAIDS' establishment, the document describes the current status and future impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and summarizes key lessons learnt from over a decade of experience. These lessons - which are the conceptual underpinnings of UNAIDS - point to the need for an expanded, multisectoral response to the epidemic.
Part B sets out the strategic plan propper. It begins by describing UNAIDS - its mission, core values and roles - and goes on to summarize the mandates of its six cosponsoring organizations and the benefits that UNAIDS offers in the context of UN system reform. In the next section, the reader is introduced to the objectives UNAIDS has set for itself as a means of attaining four global HIV/AIDS goals, and to the strategies it intends to use in each of its two strategic areas of work. The final section explains the manner in which UNAIDS plans to assess its progress."

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