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United Nations
Papua New Guinea Common Country Assessment
United Nations Country Team, PNG
UN - United Nations, December 2001, 85 pp

Reproduced with the United Nations' kind permission.


"The Common Country Assessment (CCA) is an assessment of the overall development situation of the country that is undertaken by the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in collaboration with the government and other development partne rs. As well as providing an overall description of the state of development in the country, the CCA identifies key development issues and challenges facing the country that the UN system, along with other agencies and the government, need to address in their policies and programmes of assistance. One of the central aims of the CCA is to identify the poorest and most vulnerable groups and to forge a consensus within the UNCT on the best strategies for addressing their needs. The CCA also includes an asses sment of the extent to which the country has implemented UN conventions and declarations and what follow -up to UN conferences has taken place." The report contains a section on HIV/AIDS which is identified as a "cross-cutting" issue.

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