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AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations Inc. & NAPWA - National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS
Submission to Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Review of Guidelines for Providers of Insurance and Superannuation
December 2003, 23 pp

Reproduced with AFAO and NAPWA's kind permission.


"Due to dramatic improvements in treatments for HIV/AIDS, HIV is now a chronic manageable illness and should not be treated differently by the industry from other chronic illnesses. However the experience of many people with HIV, and people considered to belong to a risk group for HIV (particularly gay men), is that HIV continues to be treated by the industry as a special case and that insurance is difficult to obtain on non-discriminatory terms, if at all. HREOC’s Guidelines have an important role to play in ensuring that industry practice is informed by up to date information, particularly about the impact of treatments on life expectancy, and that differential treatment of HIV risks are justified by accurate and up to date data rather than generalisations and outdated assumptions."

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