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AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations Inc.
A Critical Time for Harm Reduction: The Need to Revitalise Harm Reduction in the Context of New National HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Drugs Stragegies - An AFAO Discussion Paper
AFAO, October 2004, 5 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.


This discussion paper outlines the current Australian government harm reduction policies and programs which AFAO considers may be under threat from a number of different fronts in the near future. The paper provides a list of issues, background information, an overview of the National Drugs Stragegy 2004-2009, the HIV/AIDS and STI Draft Strategy and a list of conclusions. The paper encourages AFAO members to monitor developments and to raise the importance of national leadership in revitalising harm reduction when preparing their responses to the current consultations on the National HIV/AIDS and STI Strategy and National Hepatitis C Strategy.

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