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Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS
APN+ Position Paper 2: GIPA
Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, January 2004, 13 pp

"The Paris AIDS Summit Declaration of 1994 acknowledged the central role of people living with HIV in AIDS education and care, and in the design and implementation of policies and programs towards a successful response to HIV/AIDS. Because positive people bring a unique perspective to their work, they require opportunities to spell out their needs on an equal platform with government and non-government organisations. Prevention and care are ends of a continuum. Meeting HIV-positive people has a significant and profound impact on people’s attitudes to AIDS. By protecting human rights and pro-actively including positive people in the responses to HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination are reduced and public health is promoted. The Declaration committed governments to develop and support structures, policies and programs to reduce stigma and discrimination and break down the barriers of fear and prejudice, by the greater involvement of positive people in the response. However, to date, the involvement of positive people has been very tokenistic."

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