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Varga, C.A. and I. Zosa-Feranil
Adolescent Reproductive Health in Philippines: Status, Policies, Programs, and Issues
POLICY Project, January 2003, 39 pp

"This assessment of adolescent reproductive health (ARH) in the Philippines is part of a series of assessments in 13 countries in Asia and the Near East. These assessments aim to highlight the reproductive health status of adolescents in each country within the context of the lives of adolescent boys and girls and outline policies and programs pertaining to reproductive health with emphasis on information and services relevant to ARH. The report starts with the social context and socioeconomic factors affecting the adolescent population of the Philippines. It then focuses on gender socialization that sets girls and boys on separate lifetime paths in terms of life expectations, educational attainment, labor force participation, reproduction, and duties in the household. Key ARH challenges and issues are then presented. In-depth discussions on ARH are based on insights from selected Filipino national and regional key informants interviewed in August 2001. The report then provides the policy context by outlining laws and policies affecting provision of information and services to adolescents. The report identifies operational policy barriers to ARH and ends with recommendations for action to improve ARH in the Philippines."

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