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The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: U.S. Five Year Global HIV/AIDS Strategy
Office of the United States Global AIDS Coordinator, Washington, 2004, 103 pp

"This report was prepared by the Office of the United States Global AIDS Coordinator in collaboration with the United States Departments of State (including the United States Agency for International Development), Defense, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services (including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and the Office of Global Health Affairs); and the Peace Corps."


"The foundation for the U.S.'s five-year global HIV/AIDS strategy is President Bush's commitment to provide $15 billion over five years to fund the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. This document is intended to define the strategic direction of our activities -- in the focus countries and around the world. Our strategy takes into account the pragmatic necessity that annual funding requests within that commitment will ramp up as effective implementation capabilities are put in place and expanded. It outlines our work in implementing integrated prevention, treatment and care programs through bilateral programs as well as the significant role that will be played by multilateral partners such as the Global Fund. And, it recognizes that national leadership is one of the critical factors in achieving success in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Our priorities draw on that leadership and will follow closely the strategies and priorities of the host countries we seek to assist. This strategy has been carefully, thoughtfully, yet urgently developed. Clearly, we do not have answers to every question we have identified. Working closely with host governments, U.S. government teams in the field, our various partners and those living with AIDS, we will continue to learn and to develop new or more comprehensive approaches. Our strategy will evolve as we engage new partners and respond to innovation, input, experience, and outcomes. It must be a living document -- always a work in progress."

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