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UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Law, Ethics and HIV/AIDS in South Asia: A study of the legal and social environments of the epidemic in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka
UNDP, n/d, 46 pp

"The report was prepared by the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, South and North East Asia, led by Ms Sonam Yangchen Rana, with contributions from Clare Castillejo and Uffe Gartner. Inputs and analysis were provided by Julie Hamblin and Geeta Ramaseshan, external consultants and legal practitioners working in the field of HIV/AIDS."


"In the complex socio-economic context of South Asia, the challenges of developing effective national responses to HIV/AIDS are immense. Global experience of the epidemic, over the last two decades, has demonstrated that many elements contribute to an effective national response. Central among these is an appropriate legal framework that supports the rights and needs of all those affected by the epidemic, and provides a policy environment in which measures to prevent the spread of HIV can have maximum effect. Experience has also shown that inappropriate laws and legal practices can unintentionally increase HIV infection risks, particularly among vulnerable and legally marginalised populations."

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