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Centre for Advocacy and Research
National Consultation on HIV/AIDS and the Media, June 8, 2001, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
UNDP HIV & Development Project South and Southwest Asia, 2001, 42 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of UNDP.


"The numbers of those affected by HIV/AIDS is growing across the world. In India, the number has crossed 3.7 million. This has serious implications for human development, human rights and the economies of individuals, families and nations.

"Prompted by these concerns, the United Nations General Assembly convened a special session in June 2001 to set goals that would enable countries and governments across the world to address the many ramifications of the epidemic.

"It was in the run up to this special session, and as part of the regional media initiative in six countries in South Asia, that this National Media Consultation was organized by UNDP HIV & Development Project for South & Southwest Asia in collaboration with the Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), New Delhi. The consultation was primarily aimed at providing a forum for media practitioners, experts, advocacy groups and those living with HIV to reflect on the media’s response to the epidemic and the development issues around it."

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