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UN System Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS 2001-2005
UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 2001, 74 pp

"During 2000 and 2001, UN system agencies engaged in the development of a UN System Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS for 2001-2005 (UNSSP) aimed at guiding the UN system response over the five-year period. Developed within the overall context of the Global Strategy Framework adopted by the PCB in December 2000, the UNSSP identifies the key functions of the UN system in support of national efforts and describes the approach and priorities of the participating UN system organizations in a coordinated UN system response. Most importantly, the strategic objectives articulated within the UNSSP link the work of individual UN organizations with the overarching UN system objective of providing leadership and support to the work of national governments and their partners in achieving agreed goals. Twenty-nine participating UN system organizations have contributed to the UNSSP through the development of individual agency strategies and plans. These agencies have made a major commitment to increasing effectiveness, transparency and accountability within the five-year period. A performance monitoring plan for the UNSSP, based on the UNAIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, includes a mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the UNSSP."

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  • UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA Proposed Contribution to the United Nations System Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS for 2001-2005: DP/FPA/2001/9, UNFPA, 27 April 2001, 14 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]