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Cohen, Desmond
Strengthening National Capacity for HIV/AIDS Strategic Planning
Issues Paper No.26
HIV and Development Programme, United Nations Development Programme, New York, 1998, 4 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the UNDP.


"Strategic Planning is essential for a effective response to the epidemic. UNDP has extensive experience and long involvement in the strengthening of national planning capacity in all operational regions. As such it is essential that UNDP apply its general experience in planning together with its understanding of capacity development, to the issue of how best to produce the next generation of national HIV/AIDS Strategic Plans. It is now recognised by many countries that Plans need to be both multisectoral and be the outcome of processes which are socially inclusive. In part the purpose of the Plan is to identify and prioritise operational activities, and in part to serve as a mechanism of social mobilisation. It follows that Strategic Planning is not simply a technical problem but is also one of governance. Integrating Strategic Planning within a framework of governance is an important activity for HDP/UNDP and its collaborating partners in UNAIDS."

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