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United Nations Development Programme HIV and Development Project for South and South Asia
Rising to the Challenge
Description of Work
Report based on the Annual Review Meeting of the UNDP HIV and Development Programme South & South West Asia 19th March 2001
UNDP HIV and Development Project for South and Southwest Asia, 2001, 37 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the UNDP.


"The UNDP project on HIV and Development in South and Southwest Asia was launched in 1999 with the overall objective of raisins awareness and understandings qf the development causes and consequences of the HIV epidemic. The project has been working in partnership with government, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and civil society organisations including the media and the private sector.
The project, has offered a platform for the countries of the region to collaborate and complement each other in creations conditions to lessen the vulnerability of the region to the spread of HIV/AIDS. The Project currently in Phase I, will end on Dec.31, 2001, to move to Phase II, in the year 2002, following participatory processes of formulation. In the light of this, it is timely to take stock of the experience gained and the lessons learned during this Phase I, to facilitate effective learning, planning and going to scale in the future. The progress of the project activities, the priority areas, the opportunities and challenges were shared and discussed by Government and civil society partners in the region at a formal Review Meeting held on the 19 of March 2001. Progress of activities from ongoing pilot projects and an assessment of the built in monitoring systems in the project were also discussed at the review meeting. This report highlights the findings, comments, suggestions, priorities and concerns which were put forth in the review exercise, and which are indicative of the emerging
status and the future directions of the project. The report also attempts to document some of the innovative processes and lessons
learned, with examples that provide an insight into the project and its activities."

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