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du Guerny, Jacques
Meeting the HIV/AIDS Challenge to Food Security: the role of labour saving technologies in farm-households
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme; FOA - Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Bangkok, December 2002, 27 pp

Reproduced with kind permission of the UNDP.


"The paper focuses on the various types and levels of constraints faced by farm-households as a production and reproduction system within a farming system such as time and energy limitations created by HIV/AIDS provoked shortages. The paper highlights the contributions various [labour saving technolgies] LSTs could provide while also stressing the conditions - including gender ones - which have to be met in order to introduce LSTs successfully. LSTs are a partial solution to HIV/AIDS problems, but also represent a challenge to the way agriculture is practiced and to common policies in both agriculture and HIV/AIDS. The focus on LSTs is a fertile field for cooperation between sectors, between public and private institutions, North-South and South-South cooperation."

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