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du Guerny, Jacques and Lee-Nah Hsu
Towards Borderless Strategies Against HIV/AIDS
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme, May 2002, 46 pp

"The objectives of this paper are to highlight in the first part some of the changes at the regional level which took place and their significance. Although the regional level serves multiple roles and functions, this paper focuses on two major ones: first, regional events provide snap shots at a given moment of the consensus existing on an issue and can thus serve as indicators of awareness and knowledge of it; second, regional events serve as facilitators of joint inter-country action. This latter dimension of the regional contribution against HIV is programmatically important as the virus ignores borders: regional responses to HIV are required in the face of a borderless epidemic riding on some of the socio-economic forces driving the integration of the region10. In this context, the term borders can be understood in the usual geographical sense as well as between sectors, e.g. between health and development sectors such as transport, construction and agriculture. In order to show the importance of the regional level in responding to HIV/AIDS, there is no need to carry out a comprehensive or exhaustive analysis of regional activities; it is enough to illustrate the evolution in the understanding at the inter-governmental level of some issues involving mobility and multi-sector strategies in the field of HIV/AIDS. In the second part, the paper takes further steps concerning issues of mobility and multisector strategies in order to promote discussions on bringing these issues together for policy formulation and developing programmatic responses."

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