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Review of Australian HIV/AIDS Research
Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, Canberra, August 1999, 55 pp
0 642 39456 3

This review focuses on the experience of managing Australian HIV/AIDS research over a period of more than a decade, and provides recommendations to guide the further development of this activity under the fourth national HIV/AIDS strategy. "The HIV/AIDS research program has developed innovative ways of supporting research that supports strategic objectives. In particular it has demonstrated the benefits of involving the affected communities in research. This has occurred in a variety of ways. Members of the affected communities have been representatives on management, advisory and funding committees, participants in research programs, and some have joined research organisations as active researchers. The HIV/AIDS program has been cross-disciplinary in approach, supportive of a range of different research methodologies, and has supported related activities, such as clinical trials and surveillance, not normally considered the responsibility of research programs. The Review Advisory Committee is persuaded that the Australian HIV/AIDS research program is a significant model of success in linking the support of research with a national strategic framework. It therefore hopes that this report will be read widely and that the lessons learned from the HIV/AIDS research experience will inform the development of other strategically directed research programs."

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