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Hsu, Lee-Nah
HIV Policy Formation and Strategic Planning for the Communication, Transportation, Post, Construction and Tourism Sector- Lao People's Democratic Republic
Compiled by Michelle Rodolph
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project, October 2001, 28 pp
974 680 184 8

"The communication, transport, post, construction and tourism sectors have unique contributions to make in the reduction of HIV vulnerabilities, particularly for mobile populations. Many of the conditions by which HIV spreads can be changed through the strategies and policies of these sectors. The UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project assisted the Bureau of the National Committee for the Control of AIDS and the Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction in organising two workshops, one on the 24th-26th July 2000 and the second on 8th-9th August 2001, in Vientiane, Lao PDR to facilitate the development of HIV prevention strategies and policies. Participants included representatives from organisations and companies of the transport, communication, construction, post, tourism and health sectors: the Ministry of Communication, Transportation, Post and Construction, the Lao Federation of Trade Unions, Electricite du Laos, Transport Association No. 1, Transport Association No. 3, the Department of Planning and the Lao National Tourism Centre. These workshops are a result of requests by Lao PDR to UNDP to begin engaging multiple sectors in formulating HIV vulnerability reduction policies and strategies. These workshops recommended that the sectors become a member of the new NCCA and participate in the National HIV Strategic Planning for 2002-2004 by incorporating the workshop
recommendations as part of the plan. The goal is to enhance and extend the multi-sectoral nature of Lao PDR’s national response to the HIV epidemic."

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