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Stop TB Department and Department of HIV/AIDS, World Health Organization
Interim Policy on Collaborative TB/HIV Activities
WHO - World Health Organization, Geneva, 2004, 20 pp

Reproduced with WHO's kind permission.


"This policy responds to a demand from countries for immediate guidance on which collaborative TB/HIV activities to implement and under what circumstances. It is complementary to and in synergy with the established core activities of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS prevention and control programmes. Implementing the DOTS strategy is the core activity for tuberculosis control. Similarly, infection and disease prevention and health promotion activities and the provision of treatment and care form the basis for HIV/AIDS control. (A useful summary of the recommended collaborative activities is given in Table 1 and the thresholds for countries to start those activities are provided in Table 2.) This policy does not call for the institution of a new specialist or independent disease control programme. Rather, it promotes enhanced collaboration between tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS programmes in the provision of a continuum of quality care at service-delivery level for people with, or at risk of, tuberculosis and people living with HIV/AIDS. While there is good evidence for the cost effectiveness of the DOTS strategy and several HIV prevention measures (5, 6), the evidence for collaborative TB/HIV activities is limited and is still being generated in different settings. Existing evidence from randomized controlled trials, non-randomized trials and other analytical and descriptive observational studies, operational research and expert opinion based on sound clinical and field experience was used for this interim policy document. It is a rolling policy, which will be continuously updated to reflect new evidence and best practices."

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